Maia Fauvre



is an extension of a design I created for my first denim jacket. The feeling or idea of falling is usually an indicator of fear. One of the most common interpretations of a dream in which someone falls out of the sky is that the dreamer is experiencing insecurity or anxiety in their life. Even the expression “my heart dropped” evokes the same sensation of plummeting doubt.

As the figure falls, its limbs are pulled further apart. It reshapes itself out of deformity into a swirling, dribbling, splashing entity. What becomes out of the downward motion is a reimagined, intricate beauty that may just rewrite the horror of falling after all. 

Curvy Ladies

As an outspoken artist and feminist, I was saddened to see the lack of body diversity portrayed not only in figure drawings, but in media as a whole. At one point in time, women with such immaculate figures were worshipped for their fertility, and depicted as Venus or Aphrodite in the some of the most significant paintings of all time. Now, these women hide in the shadows of supermodels and unsustainable diets, struggling to equate the praise of their slimmer peers. To me, women who choose to celebrate their natural bodies against these destructive ideals of beauty are the ones who should be praised. In their colorful outlines drawn on natural paper (made from elephant waste), I give to you my feminist heroes and a new ideal of natural beauty.

Valentine's Day

Edition #2 of 7

Artist Print #8 of 8

These are two screen prints I made inspired by the song “A Rose in Harlem” by Teyana Taylor. I worked on this piece in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, and discovered its hostile energy was ironically aligned with my feelings about the unnecessary holiday. 

I Was Here

This piece is proof of my existence. Everything depicted above serves as physical evidence of my presence on Earth: the freckle on my left arm, the burns on my right, my hands reaching out of the Philippines to convey my family’s migration to America. As I have progressed as an artist, this piece has remained a representation of my origins both as an artist and a human.

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