Maia Fauvre

Care HQ

 I was approached by my good friend Madison Wojciechowski to develop a logo as well as branding materials for her startup: CareHQ. She’s developing a platform that will provide the ultimate resource for caregivers. After her brother died suddenly, Madison stepped in to be the caregiver for her family and again when her dear friend was diagnosed with cancer. Thus, she wanted something that was functional yet uplifting - after all, people are coming to CareHQ to get help in a particularly hard time in their life.

I also designed an in-depth brochure for the company.

During my time at, I developed social media content, website graphics, and woven designs. I created thee instagram stories to promote their “Good Intentions” series which launched around a collection of necklaces. The necklaces are compiled in a gif below that I made for the website. I selected each quote for each necklace and created each of the stories above.

Rough Draft Notebook: Try Again

I designed this notebook for as a part of their stationery main collection. I wanted to reflect the company’s message of perseverance, acceptance, and humility. Most of their notebooks feature uplifting phrases, encouraging their customers to stay positive and focus on their goal(s) - and to do so fashionably of course!

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